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Here it is 2013 and I am opening a comic book store.  I must be out of my mind!  Right? Not so fast, I should, in the interest of fairness let everyone know that I am not starting a store from scratch.  I am adding a comic book store to my existing retail operation that had about 600 square ft of dead space screaming for something to sell out of it.  The main business is Fireplace Village, a specialty chain of stores located in Keene, Bedford, Merrimack and Hillsborough NH.  We sell high end alternative heating appliances such as wood stoves, pellet stoves and gas inserts and fireplaces.  Fireplace Village has been in business since 1972 and has a pretty loyal following of customers but it is very seasonal.  For the 1 1/2 years I have owned and operated the business I have been staring at this 600 square foot space upstairs from my main showroom and wondering what the hell to do with it.  I looked into so many different things but none of them made any sense from a marketing standpoint.  I looked at gift items like candles etc… but do you know how long it would take to rank on Google if we tried to market ourselves as a gift shop?  More time than i want to dedicate to being the new gift shop in town.  Then it hit me, comic books! I always loved them when I was a kid and now everywhere I look comic book and geek culture are becoming more and more mainstream.  The Avengers, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, hell even my kids LOVE the Super Hero Squad cartoon.  Let’s not forget about The Walking Dead, that certainly doesn’t hurt.  The other advantage to the comic book shop idea, is that there is not another store in town.  We will be the only one in the area.  What have I got to lose?

So, for the past month I have been working to get the space ready to become Village Comics, Bedford NH’s only comic book shop.  I have gone through the pains of learning on the fly what and where to order products.  I am trying to absorb as much as possible out on the internet and listen to as many podcasts as I can stand each day.  And to be honest, I am having the best time.  I hope to share on here how this experience goes and perhaps it can be a resource to someone who wants to do their own thing and make their dream of owning a comic book store a reality.

Come in and take a look at the August issues of Previews and place your orders.  We would love to have you come in.  We will have order forms ready, just come on in and head upstairs.  We are located above Fireplace Village at 196 Rt 101 Bedford, NH.  We are still waiting for our initial orders to roll in but would love to know what you want for down the road.  Tons of parking.  Here until 5 this week, then in August we will be open    weeknights until 7!ImageImage

Our initial shipments will be rolling in and ready for 8/7/13. By the end of August we should be pretty well stocked up. Check us out above Fireplace Village at 196 Rt 101, Bedford, NH 03110. Tuesday-Friday 9-7 Saturday 9-5