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Village Comics Bedford NH

Hey Villagers! Introducing the Village Comics “Trade” in deal.  We love trade paperbacks here at Village Comics, and we know you do too. They can be pricey and once you’re done with them, what do you do? Give them to a friend?  Stick them on your shelf?  No matter what you do, what good is it doing you?  Village Comics doesn’t want this to happen to trades you buy from us.  In fact when you buy a trade paperback from us, you can read it and return it for a 50% store credit towards another trade*!  All you need is to do is:

  1. Have your original receipt for the trade
  2. Keep the book in good condition (TBD by a Village Comics Staff member*)

That’s it!  It’s that easy!

Come on in and take advantage of this great offer.

*Percentage of credit may be reduced based upon condition of book.

*Trade paperbacks only.  Sorry no hardcovers.

New Comics day is almost here and we are offering 20% off all new releases tomorrow 8/28/13.  No subscription required, just great prices offered to our customers.  We now have over 2500 back issues to help fill in your collection with more and more arriving each week.  Want a great selection of trades and hard covers?  We have almost 200 on our shelves.  We may be new but we are fully stocked and ready to go! 

New Comics Arriving to Village Comics on 8/28/13

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Below is the list of all new comics landing at Village Comics in Bedford NH on 8/28/13.  It does not include new TP’s, HC’s or other great items coming in each week.

Adventures Of Superman #24

Aquaman #24

Astonishing X-Men #66

Batman Inc Special #1

Batman-Superman #3

Batman The Dark Knight #23

Catwoman #23

FF #11

Flash #23

Justice League #23 (Trinity)

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #10

New Avengers Infinity #9

Red Lanterns #23

Secret Avengers #8

Superman #23

Teen Titans #23

Ultimate Comics Spider Man #26

Uncanny Avengers #11

Uncanny X-Men #11

Wolverine & X-Men #35



What if you woke up this morning and all your dreams of opening your very own comic book shop came true?  You woke up one day and on your pillow were the keys to your new shop and a note that said “have fun”.   When you get to your shop, the shelves are empty and just waiting for you to fill them. Where would you start?  What have you always wanted to see filling the shelves at your local shop? We want to know what you would carry in your store.  What items would fill your shelves if this dream came true.  Having your own shop, doesn’t have to be an unachievable dream.  Village Comics can be YOUR shop.  We want to carry what YOU want.  We have so many great things already.  Tons of new books, hundreds of trades, Hardcovers, graded comics, autographs, games, toys and more but none of it matters without YOU.  You the customer, the comic reader, the collector, the newbie, the enthusiast, the dreamer.  You already have the power to control your own shop, all you have to do is ask.

Village Comics- 196 Rt 101, Bedford NH

My main business carries me all over the state and since opening Village Comics it amazes me how many towns and communities are lacking a comic book shop.  West of Manchester there isn’t a single shop until you get out into Keene.  What about Milford?  What about Wilton and Peterborough, Temple and Dublin?  All those kids and they have almost no opportunity to buy comics.  Maybe the local grocery store carries a few titles but where can they go to be immersed in the culture of comics?  Where can these kids go and stretch their imaginations and learn to love and appreciate a true art form, or get excited to be reading? Village Comics can’t be in every town (yet) but with this store we can be one step closer to all those kids who are missing out.      Village Comics wants to be the place where kids who have never laid their eyes on a comic book and those who eat, sleep and breathe comics come together to hang out, buy comics and share their opinions.  We are happy to have people coming in and becoming part of the community, helping the local economy and we in return will be focusing on giving back.  This business is a labor of love.  It’s not to get rich, I’m not even sure if it will make money, but what it will do is give a town, its residents and customers from all over who love comics or don’t even know yet how much they are going to love comics a place they can call “my comic book shop”.

Perhaps you are thinking that the new guy in town is only going to have a few titles in stock?  I mean there is no way that the NEW comic book shop will have anything I want, right?  Is that what you are thinking?  Then you are wrong.  So wrong.  Every week we continue to fill this place up more and more with great new stuff.  On our shelves right now we have over 62 different comic titles, with another 20 titles coming in next week and more after that.  We have everything from The Walking Dead to My Little pony and a ton of stuff in between.  Not to mention another 150 trade paperbacks and hard covers.  Want some graded comics?  What about getting your hands on a Watchmen #1 or A signed Walking Dead #1 Governor Special? Give us a chance and you will find that we are growing into one of the areas best shops. Not to mention our complete laid back and friendly atmosphere.

We are here Tuesday-Friday 9-7 and Saturdays 9-5.   Follow us on twitter @villagecomics or

Perhaps in a short amount of time, we here at Village Comics have lost our minds.  Perhaps the 90 degree heat yesterday scrambled our brains.  But regardless of the reason, you will benefit from the madness.  Today is New Comic Day and we are offering 20% off on all new releases!  No subscription required, no membership, no points, just great prices on new books so you can enjoy all the new stuff that keeps rolling in.  We want you to shop at Village Comics.  We have tons of parking, friendly people waiting to help and a super convenient location.  Looking for something other than just new books? We have a bunch of other great inventory rolling in all the time.  Come check us out.

Village ComicsWe here at Village Comics are always brainstorming about what we should be offering in our store.  We are brand new so we have some limitations on how “cool” we can make the store right off the bat.  My biggest fear is that we will work to get customers through the door and have them be unimpressed with what we have to offer.  We currently have over 40 new titles in stock with another 20 coming in for 8/21/13.  We have a ton of trades and games as well.  We are working to get in some older and unique things but it will take a little time.  If you come in and don’t see what you are looking for, or you have some things you would love to see us carry, PLEASE feel free to let us know and we will do everything in our power to bring it in for you.  Right now, we offer a super friendly, laid back store where you can get your new comic book fix each week.  And even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for this visit, I promise it might be completely different the next time.  We are a work in progress, and the work we are doing is to make this your comic book shop.

Downstairs from Village Comics, Fireplace Village is having their giant annual Tent Sale.  With all of the great deals they are offering, Village Comics wants to offer their customers some great deals as well.  Friday and Saturday 8/16-17th you can get 20% off your entire purchase.  This is good on comics, trade paperbacks, toys, games etc…  What a great way to take part in the tent sale downstairs and offer all of our new customers some great deals and incentives to come on in and shop.  Remember we are open Tuesday-Friday 9-7 and Saturday’s 9-5.


Before I had decided to open Village Comics here in Bedford NH, I had given some serious thought to a bunch of other products.  Being that the 6000 sq ft of showroom space below Village Comics is dedicated to a very specialized and seasonal mix of products, I wanted to find something that I felt the community and I could really benefit from.  I looked into gift items like candles and knick knacks and my heart just wasn’t in it.  Not to mention the length of time it would have taken to rank on google as a gift shop in Bedford! I can’t really say why, but I thought of comic books and a light bulb went off inside my head (horribly cliche but still the best way to describe it) and it has been full steam ahead from there.  Village Comics is a much needed shop for those looking for comics here in the area.  For those of you who want to get your new comic fix without fighting through traffic or finding parking at the mall,  Village Comics is perfect for you.  If you are looking for a chance to shop for comics in a super friendly, quiet atmosphere then we are perfect for you as well.  The best way I can describe Village Comics is like this, it’s the comic book store that I would want to shop at if I had to shop for comics anymore.