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Join Us For Our Grand Opening on 12/21/13

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Come on in to Village Comics for our grand opening event!  We will be having great deals on comics, trades, toys games and more! We will also be having Josh Logan from The Voice in signing prints done by local artist Jason Casey from 10-1!  What a great way to spend some time with the family and take a break from the grind of holiday shopping!

wolverin-origins-acetate-cover-2To be completely honest, I am not sure how I felt about this book.  I think I really liked it for its simplistic look at Logan living in peace with a pack of wolves or maybe I hated it for its simplistic look at Logan living in peace living with a pack of wolves.  Maybe I loved it for letting the art dictate the story or maybe I hated it for letting the art…see what I am getting at?  Its tough because there is not much that happens in this book.  MAJOR SPOILER ALERT…

Logan lives with Wolves, Logan sees a Polar Bear, Polar Bear later kills Logan’s family of Wolves, Logan kills Polar Bear…dun, dun, dun…the end.

Hmmm. The climax to the story is…Logan kills a Polar Bear.  This is a character that we have seen do a lot of amazing things over the years.  He has battled with the craziest of the crazy, but a Polar Bear? Come on.  It was a good read and the art was amazing and not to mention the book itself cover and all is very cool.  Its the story on this one that had me a little ho hum.  Lets hope #2 goes a little further but I am nervous he might fight something really fierce, like a chipmunk or something.

Origins II will be on sale at Village Comics in Bedford NH on 12/24/13


amanda-conner-harley-quinn-1-promoOk, where to begin on this book?  Are you a fan of Harley Quinn?  You are?  Me too?  Whats your favorite part about Harley Quinn?  Ummm…Ummm… Ya me too, I really have nothing either, but hell, she looks good.  Thats what happens when you take a background character and give them their own book.  Harley Quinn #1 is cartoonish, boring and really just plain silly.  Harley Quinn inherits a piece of property that happens to have a circus like freakshow on the bottom floor. tenant and a roof deck.  I am not really sure what direction they are going with this book but Harley Quinn the landlord is really quite a lame approach to a book that should have had more potential.  The story follows Harley getting this place, learning about being a landlord and trying to find ways to pay for the taxes and upkeep (yes, taxes and upkeep).  She takes a job as a psychiatrist and as a roller derby queen at night.  This book was so disappointing on so many levels, but hey! She looks good! gave Harley Quinn #1 an 8.6 (what are they smoking?)

Harley Quinn #1 is on Sale at Village Comics in Bedford, NH


Ghost_1_thumbGhost #1 introduces us to the title character who for all tense and purpose is dead and has the ability to remove demons from the bodies they possess.  This happens a couple times in the book and does not appear to be a pleasant experience for the possessed as they seem to wind up dead in the process of extraction.  I had not expectations for this book, in fact being that its a Dark Horse title, I had lower than no expectations.  This book really surprised me!  It had great art and a pretty cool concept and executed the story very well.  It left me wanting to read #2 and that does not happen so much anymore.  I don’t how people who have been fans of prior incarnations may feel about it, but for a newcomer to the series, I was pleasantly surprised!

Ghost #1 received a 7.2 on (seems low)

Ghost #1 is on sale at Village Comics in Bedford, NH



Ken and J review Ghost #1, Origins II #1 and Harley Quinn #1 and discuss how Wolverine fighting a polar bear in Origins II is not that impressive, which super heroes do women discuss wanting to be and the grand opening event on 12/21/13 featuring Josh Logan from The Voice.

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Josh Logan Print for Sale Online

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Josh Logan Prints available for sale online

Josh Logan Prints available for sale online

Announcing that the Josh Logan print is now available for pre-order online.  We will be shipping the prints after Josh signs them at our Grand Opening on 12/21/13.  The print is available at the following site


Great new comic book releases landing at Village Comics in Bedford NH on 12/18/2013.





BATMAN ’66 #6











SAGA #17








X-MEN #8



After reading my review of Doc Savage #1 and Justice League 3000 #1 you are probably thinking that I just enjoy giving books terrible reviews.  Let me assure you, you are 100% wrong.  There is no part of me that likes wasting valuable time reading books that are bad and having to share that with all of you.  Luckily for you and I Dead Body Road #1 was released this week and it makes up for the inadequacies of the previous two titles I mentioned.  Dead Body Road follows the story of a heist gone wrong, thieves trying to get revenge on those who may have caused the heist to go bad AND a rogue cop who is hunting them all down after his girlfriend, a police officer too, was killed during the heist.  Dead Body Road does what many comics can’t seem to get right, its a great mix of art, writing AND the book flows so well that it leaves you wanting #2 to come out right away.  It is so refreshing that Image can continue to put out great titles and you know why they can?  Its because they are not shackled to the same old characters and storylines from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s.  I put all those numbers down to make a point, DC and Marvel have been trying to create something new out of the same cast of characters for almost 7 decades!  They must be doing something right because they have stayed in business all these years but for the fan who wants to read something new and fresh, it is getting increasingly hard if not impossible to do it with the big two publishers.  Like me, if you want original and different, Image has some of the best titles out there right now. rating= 8.5




Hey Villagers, one of the books we decided to tackle this week was Justice League 3000 from DC.  This is a #1 that ran into a bit of turmoil during the creation process and the release was delayed.  Perhaps it would have been best to keep that delay going indefinitely.  JL3000 #1 is a mish-mash of nonsense and bad art.   Trying to follow this book is like giving a five year old a Rand Mcnally Atlas and telling them to go from Boston to New Mexico on their own.  The story was not at all coherent and the art was horrific.  I will not waste too much of your valuable time with this review, as it is I have already wasted time reading it, writing this review and subjecting you to it. -K review N/A  could not find it.

doc savage


Each week I like to review the new books that come out and especially the #1’s.  I had no history with the Doc Savage character so I came in to this book unaware of this character’s long running story line from back in the day.  After reading Doc Savage #1, I feel that it should have stayed “back in the day”.  This character oozes boredom and so does the book.  I guess if you are looking for a throw back to yesteryear where all the lead characters are full of wholesome, goody goodness, then Doc Savage will make your sweet tooth ache with the syrupy sappiness that emanates out of it.  I am all for stories that don’t concentrate on death and destruction.  I don’t need deep character flaws, or a ton of questionable content.  But please, don’t give me a title character that literally can do no wrong.  The story is almost irrelevant, though it follows Doc Savage and his companions on trying to solve a mysterious radio wave that is making the people of NY go crazy.  This is told in a one shot format where there is a beginning, middle and end of the story all with in 32 pages.  This is basically a step up from the Scooby Doo books. I wish there was more I could offer but I am already falling back asleep thinking about it…Yawn… -Ken