Village Comics in Bedford, NH Reviews Harley Quinn #1

Posted: December 18, 2013 by villagecomics196 in Comic Books
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amanda-conner-harley-quinn-1-promoOk, where to begin on this book?  Are you a fan of Harley Quinn?  You are?  Me too?  Whats your favorite part about Harley Quinn?  Ummm…Ummm… Ya me too, I really have nothing either, but hell, she looks good.  Thats what happens when you take a background character and give them their own book.  Harley Quinn #1 is cartoonish, boring and really just plain silly.  Harley Quinn inherits a piece of property that happens to have a circus like freakshow on the bottom floor. tenant and a roof deck.  I am not really sure what direction they are going with this book but Harley Quinn the landlord is really quite a lame approach to a book that should have had more potential.  The story follows Harley getting this place, learning about being a landlord and trying to find ways to pay for the taxes and upkeep (yes, taxes and upkeep).  She takes a job as a psychiatrist and as a roller derby queen at night.  This book was so disappointing on so many levels, but hey! She looks good! gave Harley Quinn #1 an 8.6 (what are they smoking?)

Harley Quinn #1 is on Sale at Village Comics in Bedford, NH



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