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Be Part of The Vcast by Calling In Live!

Posted: February 24, 2014 by villagecomics196 in Comic Books, Podcasting


You have been texting us all along. Now you can really be heard on The Vcast by calling in during our live show. We will be taking calls live at 5pm EST throughout our show. Call in to 513-808-4335 or 513-808-GEEK
You can always keep texting to 412-368-2278!

Village Comics Podcast Bedford, NH   Click here to get to the latest podcast for 11/27/13. Ken and J Review Scooby Doo Team up #1, Black Science #1 and Cryptozoic Man #2.

Village Comics Podcast Bedford, NH

Link to 11/13/13 Podcast on  Ken and J Review Noir, Manifest Destiny and Umbral and discuss the Coast City Comicon in Portland Maine.


Into our third month at Village Comics, we decided it was necessary to spread our love of comics and its culture by launching our first podcast. This was at first an undertaking that we were a bit unsure of. Neither of us had ever podcasted before and the jitters were there as we spoke about the possibility of recording one. We figured to simply give it a shot and just see what happens. We kept the idea of our podcast unscripted and loose with plenty of room for commentary. Ken hit the record button and we started off with a bang. For two hard-working perfectionists, this was a bit of a surprise. At first we would have been happy with quality over quantity. After the first two minutes, we had forgotten about the microphone or any pre-podcast jitters. We started the podcast each explaining the books and our reviews of three comics off the new release wall. The titles were “Ash and the Army of Darkness”, “Velvet” and “Coffin Hill”. These titles we deemed as a decent mix of non-traditional characters and would serve as our platform for discussion. We dissected the words, art and storylines especially. From one issue to the next we spoke of our opinions and why or why not a reader should pick up a copy. It was a bit bold but necessary to not flood our podcasts with characters who were well known to give the listener or comic reader a bigger view of selections. The recording kept on. We spoke about personal tastes and experiences while throwing in our “shameless plugs” and a ton of wit on the recording. Both Ken and I are versed in conversation and our personalities mesh well when discussing topics of which many we disagree. As we went from one comic to the next we threw in comments, quips and other thoughts to our listening audience. Speaking on subjects we have a passion for made it easy to establish our podcast as more than we hoped it would be. By the time we decided to cut the podcast off we were a bit relieved that we had so much passion for podcasting. We stopped recording and looked at the time. Instead of the ten minutes we were hoping for we recorded a solid one hour and eight minutes of podcast. Much to our surprise we filled that time with fluid conversation. So subscribe, listen, enjoy and please leave comments or suggestions. This show much like the store is yours…our Villagers. -J Moulton