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Each week Ken and J bring you the latest reviews about new comics and discuss all things geek to keep fellow Villagers up to date!  Be sure to subscribe via feed burner or find us on iTunes by searching Village Comics!  The links below will take you to to listen or download the podcasts.  Thanks for listening!

Ken and J discuss all happenings in the wold of geek culture.  The paasing of Harold Ramis, the casting of Fantastic Four and introduce our new segement “Bring out the Grimmp”

The Vcast 2/25/14


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Each week Ken and J bring you the latest reviews about new comics and discuss all things geek to keep you up to date!  The Vcast is on iHeartRadio too!!  The links below will take you to to listen or download the podcasts.  Thanks for listening!

Ken and J review Joker’s Daughter #1, Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1 and Punisher #1plus discuss the “Big Game’s” commercials, tv shows, headlines and more…

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amanda-conner-harley-quinn-1-promoOk, where to begin on this book?  Are you a fan of Harley Quinn?  You are?  Me too?  Whats your favorite part about Harley Quinn?  Ummm…Ummm… Ya me too, I really have nothing either, but hell, she looks good.  Thats what happens when you take a background character and give them their own book.  Harley Quinn #1 is cartoonish, boring and really just plain silly.  Harley Quinn inherits a piece of property that happens to have a circus like freakshow on the bottom floor. tenant and a roof deck.  I am not really sure what direction they are going with this book but Harley Quinn the landlord is really quite a lame approach to a book that should have had more potential.  The story follows Harley getting this place, learning about being a landlord and trying to find ways to pay for the taxes and upkeep (yes, taxes and upkeep).  She takes a job as a psychiatrist and as a roller derby queen at night.  This book was so disappointing on so many levels, but hey! She looks good! gave Harley Quinn #1 an 8.6 (what are they smoking?)

Harley Quinn #1 is on Sale at Village Comics in Bedford, NH


doc savage


Each week I like to review the new books that come out and especially the #1’s.  I had no history with the Doc Savage character so I came in to this book unaware of this character’s long running story line from back in the day.  After reading Doc Savage #1, I feel that it should have stayed “back in the day”.  This character oozes boredom and so does the book.  I guess if you are looking for a throw back to yesteryear where all the lead characters are full of wholesome, goody goodness, then Doc Savage will make your sweet tooth ache with the syrupy sappiness that emanates out of it.  I am all for stories that don’t concentrate on death and destruction.  I don’t need deep character flaws, or a ton of questionable content.  But please, don’t give me a title character that literally can do no wrong.  The story is almost irrelevant, though it follows Doc Savage and his companions on trying to solve a mysterious radio wave that is making the people of NY go crazy.  This is told in a one shot format where there is a beginning, middle and end of the story all with in 32 pages.  This is basically a step up from the Scooby Doo books. I wish there was more I could offer but I am already falling back asleep thinking about it…Yawn… -Ken

Wednesday 8/14 Special Hours

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On Wednesday 8/14 we want to help you get your new comic book fix. We will be open from 7am-7pm. 12 hours for you to visit us on new comic book day. For more info like this follow us on twitter @villagecomics or
196 Rt 101, Bedford,NH 603-471-3931

Our initial shipments will be rolling in and ready for 8/7/13. By the end of August we should be pretty well stocked up. Check us out above Fireplace Village at 196 Rt 101, Bedford, NH 03110. Tuesday-Friday 9-7 Saturday 9-5