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The Vcast 2/11/14

Posted: February 11, 2014 by villagecomics196 in Comic Books, Podcasts
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Each week Ken and J bring you the latest reviews about new comics and discuss all things geek to keep you up to date!  The Vcast is on iHeartRadio too!!  The links below will take you to to listen or download the podcasts.  Thanks for listening!


Ken and J review Bunker #1 and how it could be the best comic book of 2014 or even last 12 months! They also discuss the olympics, 80’s movies, time travel and more…

To listen to the latest episode-click here  Live Cast 2/11/14



After reading my review of Doc Savage #1 and Justice League 3000 #1 you are probably thinking that I just enjoy giving books terrible reviews.  Let me assure you, you are 100% wrong.  There is no part of me that likes wasting valuable time reading books that are bad and having to share that with all of you.  Luckily for you and I Dead Body Road #1 was released this week and it makes up for the inadequacies of the previous two titles I mentioned.  Dead Body Road follows the story of a heist gone wrong, thieves trying to get revenge on those who may have caused the heist to go bad AND a rogue cop who is hunting them all down after his girlfriend, a police officer too, was killed during the heist.  Dead Body Road does what many comics can’t seem to get right, its a great mix of art, writing AND the book flows so well that it leaves you wanting #2 to come out right away.  It is so refreshing that Image can continue to put out great titles and you know why they can?  Its because they are not shackled to the same old characters and storylines from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s.  I put all those numbers down to make a point, DC and Marvel have been trying to create something new out of the same cast of characters for almost 7 decades!  They must be doing something right because they have stayed in business all these years but for the fan who wants to read something new and fresh, it is getting increasingly hard if not impossible to do it with the big two publishers.  Like me, if you want original and different, Image has some of the best titles out there right now. rating= 8.5